Learn to make fishsoup in a private home

Join a different cooking experience at Villa Lovise.

We gather at Randi's cozy kitchen and together we make her popular fish soup. Randi is genuinely interested in traditional local food and love to share her cooking passion with you.


Fish soup is one of her favorites dishes and during this experience you will learn how to make her fish soup from scratch. It`s healthy, taste good and is easy to make. Fish soup can be served as an everyday meal or as a delicacy at dinner parties, all depending on the ingredients.

To create the right atmosphere, everyone takes part in the cooking and together we make the dining table before we sit and enjoy the soup. Fresh bread and apple cider will be served, and we round off with coffee and some sweet.


During the course, Randi will talk about local food traditions and tell you stories about the everyday life in a small fjord village like Stranda. Common to all who attend this event is the love of home-cooked food and the pleasure we get of meeting new people. Welcome to Randi`s kitchen!


Feel free to bring your camera to share the happening.


This event fits everyone

You will get a printed recipe

Duration: 2,5 hours


Show up at Villa Lovise in Storgata 60 at Stranda 5 minutes before activity starts


Learn to make a norwegian fish soup

Visit a private home at Stranda

Meet a local host and story teller

Enjoy a good meel in new surroundings


  1. Stranda (NO)