Rollo's Footsteps 2020

A short walk and a long talk

Rollo's Footsteps offers a stroll through modern Ålesund, with focus on how the area was during the viking era. Our tour is designed with one thing in mind – for you to bring home the best cultural experience from Norway.

All our guides tell the viking stories based on the history and the lore’s that are passed down from one generation to the next through the spoken word. We share tales of life in this fascinating melting pot of culture and controversy. All from the time Rollo grew up here, with his story as a focus.

We are not an average tourist activity!

Exclusive for small groups of 10-25 people. It's relaxed, informal, personal, with only real people, stories and experiences. In our ninety minutes tour, You will experience the Viking culture come back to life in shrubs and stories. Visiting significant sites, you’ll journey back in time, board a real viking ship, get a taste of the Vikings travel food, learn about the Vikings religion, laws, and everyday life.


The end spot is a perfect starting point for own trips to the viewing point Fjellstua, or Aalesund city.

With start at the cruise harbour, we do a short stroll through modern Aalesund with frequently stops, and end in the city park.


  • See a Viking boat

  • Taste Viking travel food

  • Hear the Viking saga


  1. Ålesund