Bus to Hike: Take the Midsund Stairs to the peak

From NOK 230

Molde - Midsund - Molde

This round trip takes you to Midsund, situated at the island Otrøya in the Romsdalsfjord with only a few small islets separating it from the Atlantic sea.

We offer this round trip by bus and ferry to make it possible for you to hike the Midsundtrappene (Midsund Stairs), where Sherpas from Nepal have built fantastic stone steps to make the hike to the Digergubben mountain more accessible for the public.

Seeing the stone work is worth the trip alone. Adding a fantastic view to mountains, fjord and the ocean definitely make this hike worthwhile.

The terrain is steep, but with the stairs it is possible for more people to do this hike. Make sure to wear adequate clothing and shoes! Norway can be chilly even in the summer.

The trip is open for booking all year, but in the winter season it may not always be advisable to do the hike. Check the conditions before you go!

Before doing the hike we recommend that you prepare by reading more about the hike, for example on visitnorway.com. (Search for Midsundtrappene.)

Departure from: Molde bus terminal, track 4

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This is a “Travel like the locals” tour. The tours use public transport, i.e. regular buses, ferries and boats, but we have done the planning for you so that you can concentrate on enjoying your trip. You travel on your own - there is no guide or tour leader. On most of our tours you must change several times between different buses/ferries/boats, and it is up to you to make sure you catch your connections – truly travelling like a local! (The tours are set up so that the buses, ferries and boats connect.)

Tours are not available for booking on public holidays and during holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas due to deviations in the timetables. The timetable shown is valid for the periods when the tour is bookable.

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From NOK 230

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  1. Molde
  2. Mordalsvågen
  3. Molde
  4. Solholmen
  5. Mordalsvågen
  6. Midsund
  7. Solholmen
  8. Molde
  9. Midsund
  10. Molde
  11. Molde
  12. Mordalsvågen
  13. Molde
  14. Mordalsvågen
  15. Mordalsvågen
  16. Solholmen
  17. Mordalsvågen
  18. Solholmen
  19. Solholmen
  20. Midsund
  21. Solholmen
  22. Midsund
  23. Midsund
  24. Molde
  25. Midsund
  26. Mordalsvågen
  27. Molde
  28. Solholmen
  29. Mordalsvågen
  30. Midsund
  31. Solholmen
  32. Molde
  33. Midsund
  34. Molde
  35. Molde
  36. Mordalsvågen
  37. Molde
  38. Mordalsvågen
  39. Mordalsvågen
  40. Solholmen
  41. Mordalsvågen
  42. Solholmen
  43. Solholmen
  44. Midsund
  45. Solholmen
  46. Midsund
  47. Midsund
  48. Midsund