Blues and hiking-cruise on Hjørundfjorden 2020

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From NOK 14'950

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The tour starts in the art nouveau town Ålesund. Thursday evening we  take you on a fjord cruise to Sykkylven, were we will stay over night. During the cruise you will be served a hot meal. Friday  we will take the

A. transitional tour to the summit Blåbretinden (1456 masl) or Tungremtindane (1290masl)  (Hard hike) Which one, is dependent on local weather and conditions
B. hiking from Trandal to the Village of Trandal (Easy hike) it might be extended to Tårnet 1338 masl (Medium difficulty) KART
At the end of our trips, we will come down to the small village Trandal in the Hjørundfjord.  Here there will be plenty of food to choose from at the Blues Festival at  Christiangaard Bygdetun, so today everyone buy their own food.
MS SLogen will be waiting for you, and you can enjoy a bath in our hottub on deck, while enjoying the music at the festival. In the evening MS Slogen will head for Urke Kaihus below the famous mountain Slogen (1564 masl) and have a quiet night there. You can choose to joint MS Slogen, or you can take a Shuttle-boat later and join us at Urke. 

Saturday, we head for
A.  Hjørundfjordegga (medium - hard hike) either from Maradalen or from Breidfonndalen 
and walk the ridge with beautiful view of the fjord and mountains towards Saksa (1073 masl). This is a spectacular ridge, and you will have a gorgeous view over the beautiful fjord all the time.From there the path will take you down to Leknesnakken which is the easy hike-option this day
B. Leknesnakken (526 masl return, easy hike) 
If you choose option B you will still have beautiful view of the fjord and this trip is the last part of the hard hike over Hjørundfjordegga. From this relatively easy hike, you have a spleded view over the surrounding mountains and the fjord. It is at the start/end point of the Hjørundfjordegga, and we will head back to Urke the same way as the other group, partly on stears made from sherpas.

Further down the stone-stairs made from sherpas to the fjord and Urke Kaihus where you can buy some refreshments. The boat will be available there if you want to freshen up or take a bath in the hottub, and  there will be grilled food onboard the boat before we head for the festival in Trandal again.

In the evening, MS Slogen will go to Sæbø from Trandal, and again; You can choose to join us, or you can take the shuttle later on if you want to enjoy more of the Blues festival.

On Sunday, if there is still more power in your legs, you can order an Add-On tour to the summit
A. Lynghalsen, we will not climp the top but stop just below the top  (Hard - medium, 1000 masl) and down the ridge to Sæbønestua (560 masl) 
B. Sæbønestua (Medium - easy 640 masl )

From here you have a magnificent view towards the  famous fjordcross in the Hjørundfjord. At your return from todays trip, there will be a bus taking you to the airport of Ørsta/Volda Hovden or Ålesund.  So make sure when booking, to book return ticket from Ørsta/Volda, because there might not be enough time to get to Ålesund for the flight. Optional, the boat can bring you to Ålesund Sunday morning, if you are not joining the Sunday tour.

Map of the Hjørundfjorden area

Option A1 (hard Blåbretind) A2 (hard Tungremtind) and B (easy Trandalsætra)

Overview Transitional tour Sykkylven - Trandalsætra - Trandal

Map of Leknesnakken (easy) and Hjørundfjordegga (hard - medium)

Map of hiking the ridge Lynghalsen (hard - medium) - Grønskredhammeren - Sæbønestua (easy - medium)


  • Three showers and four toilets
  • Space for up to 60 passengers
  • Bar 
  • Bath tub with heated, clean sea water from Hjørundfjorden
  • Large outdoor deck with a spectacular view
  • Salon with seats for 24 people
  • Conference facilities
  • Lounge area
  • 17 beds divided into seven twin cabins and one triple cabin

From NOK 14'950

+1 Additional options

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You can check in at our boat from 16:00 Tursday afternoon, and we will departure from Aalesund in the evening when all our guests have arrived. If you arrive to the airport of Ålesund, Vigra, its easy to take the airport-shuttle to the city of Ålesund, a 30 minute ride, where we will wait for you. 
At departure on Sunday, the boat will return to Aalesund in the morning. If you choose to buy the Add-On trip on Sunday to the mountain Sæbønestua/ Lynghalstinden, we will bring you to the Ørsta/Volda airport Hovden in the early afternoon, so make sure to book your return flight from there.


  • Transitional tour from Sykkylven to the small village Trandal, only accessed by boat or over the mountains
  • Worldclass Bluesfestival
  • Pass to the festival all weekend
  • Take a bath on deck while listening to the blues musick and watching all the Blues-loving people from the fjord
  • Sleeping under the inpressive Stålberghornet at Urke
  • Crossing the ridge, Hjørundfjordegga
  • Hike Lynghalsen, and enjoy the fjord and mountain scenery while walking down the ridge towards Sæbønestua

When Blues Brothers visited Trandal

Blues program 2019

See some pictures from Trandal Blues here


  1. Ålesund
  2. Ikornnes
  3. Trandal
  4. Urke
  5. Sæbø
  6. Ålesund