From Veiholmen (Smøla) to Kristiansund (one way)

From NOK 271

Veiholmen - Edøy - Kristiansund
When your stay at Veiholmen is over, this trip takes you back to Kristiansund. From the narrow streets and magnificent view of Veiholmen, you take the bus back to Edøy. On the bus trip you can enjoy the unique landscape of Smøla. From Edøya you take the express boat back to Kristiansund.

If you have some time in Kristiansund there is a lot to see in this charming town on the ocean’s edge.

Kristiansund is known for the dried and salted cod – “klippfisk” (literally “cliff fish”). The city’s speciality is the dish bacalao and dishes with “klippfisk” are served in all the restaurants and most of the cafés in town. The town has a rich cultural offering and a selection of shops and cafés.

Departure from: Veiholmen


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From NOK 271

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