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Let yourself be charmed by the adventurous coast with steep mountains, narrow fjords and exciting islets! an area known for its long tradition in fishing. With a location in the middle of the dish, our experienced captains will take you on a fishing trip in the open sea. You get to experience the excitement when it snaps at the line, and feel how the adrenaline pumps when you fight with the fish to get it up. On the trip we tell a little about the area around us and what types of fish you can expect to get. Catch your own fish, fillet it and today's catch is transformed into today's dinner. The fishing trip can also be enjoyed as part of a transport leg between destinations.

On board the boat we have all rights, light meals can be pre-ordered.

You choose the start time for the trip at the end of the booking process.
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Bli med og opplev ekte fiskeglede, - bli med oss på fisketur!