Slogen alpine hike

Slogen is narrow and steep and are one of this regions most famous summits together with Skåla. When you reach the summit you understand why! 

«One of Norway’s finest summits for hiking – UTE summer issue 2012»

We can hike Slogen from either Stranda or Øye, we decide which place to start from based on what suits you best.

This is a fairly demanding trip and you should have all day to get up. So if you want to go this route, it helps if you have done some hiking earlier.

If we start from Stranda, we are following a trail into Liadalen. After a few hours we’ll see Patchellhytta and Slogen get up in front of us. It is only when we come to the foot of Slogen as the steep climb begins. Here we follow the two distinct “camel humps” before we take up the last hill.
The view from the top of Slogen into Hjørundfjorden magic, but we’ll take it easy on the top because it,s narrow up there.


  1. Slogen