Ski touring week - Stranda

Would you like to do some ski touring but are not familiar with the area? Do you dream about skiing down from Mt Slogen? Then you should join us for a ski touring week in Stranda. Here we have put together a great package for the dedicated skier keen to explore the Norwegian fjord region on a pair of skis. 

The Sunnmøre alps is famous for its alpine and jagged peaks in combination with fjord view. The mountains are about 1,500 m high and if we are lucky with the conditions we have the opportunities to ski all the way down to the fjord.

Many first ascents in the area are made by famous British mountaineers like Wiliam Cecil Slingsby and Charles Watson Patchell around 1900. They came back year after year and has set a clear mark on the area. Patchell had also set up Patchell-hut at the foot of Slogen and Slingsby got his own climbing route(Slingsby-route) up from Villa Norangdal to the top of Kvitegga.


Our lodge is a place where you can find pleasant accommodation with great views. A perfect accommodation, beds up to 8 persons for whoever wants to explore the fjords and mountains in summer and winter. We use the lodge as a base throughout the week and staying here with self catering. If you are a larger group, it is possible to book catering too. Stranda is a great starting place for ski touring in this area, and has also only an hour’s drive from Ørsta/Volda, Geiranger, Stryn, Stordal, Hjørundfjord and Hornindal.


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