Guided ski touring Sunnmøre

Have you heard about the magic Sunnmøre Alps and the ski touring conditions here? Then you should join us for a couple of days with ski touring in the area. 

In the Sunnmøre alps we have a perfect base to select from peaks arround 1500 masl. It’s a special feeling to start the day in the valley or at the fjord and work our way up to the alpine peaks – here we have Peak to fjord skiing!


Many first ascents in the area are made by famous British mountaineers like Wiliam Cecil Slingsby and Charles Watson Patchell in the beginning of 20th century. They came back year after year and have set a clear mark on the area. Patchell had also set up Patchell-hut at the foot of Slogen and Slingsby got his own climbing route (Slingsby-route) up from Villa Norangdal to the top of Kvitegga - the highest mountain in the region.

Today there is an impact of the international advertising and ski movies. The last few years among others we have had Volvo cars, Peak Performance, Universal Pictures, Field Productions, Solomon Freeski TV, and Warren Miller Entertainment to experience the magical combination of fjords and sharp mountains . You can see some of the clips from the shoots on this page.



We have a maximum ratio of 6 participants per 1 guide.




If you are tarvelling as an individual or in a group up to 3 persons, this product offers a spot in an open group and you can share the expenses with other skiers. Except keeping the budget lower you get a great opportunity to meet new mates and shre your passion for ski touring! 


Be aware that we need minimum of 4 participants to offer you a spot for 1300,- nok/ person. In case of 3 and less bookings pr day, you will be offered to share expenses for private guide (5000,- nok/ day) or the trip will be cancelled and we will fully refund you.



Are you a group of 4 or more persons or you simply want to be sure that your guide will adjust the trip and pace according to your specific wishes? Book your private guide!

We still keep the ratio of maximum 6 participants pr 1 guide and the prices are following:

1 - 4 persons: 5000,- nok/ day

5 - 6 persons: 6000,- nok/ day.

Please, contact us on to book your private guide.



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