Ski touring weekend - Stranda

Stranda is a world reknown area for it´s spectacular ski touring with long runs and the possibilities to ski down to the fjord. The mountains are around 1500 m.a.s.l and the most of the runs gives us around 1000 verticals. Our guides have been guiding in the area for many years and have great local knowledge, everything to give you the best possible experience.

On this trip we have put together a great package for the weekend warrior who´s up for a couple of days in Stranda. There´s no problem to extend the trip with one or two days, just get in touch and we will help you out with that.


We meet up on Friday night at Stranda Hotel to plan the weekend and go thru the equipment and the setup, everything to get a good start of the weekend. Saturday morning we meet up at our activity centre, straight over the road from Stranda Hotel. Possible summits this first day could be Lisjenibba og Kvitegga. We always focus on good skiing and good snow, this means that we often wait until the same morning before we decide which summit to go for.

After the first day it´s possible to hang out in the Sauna with a cold Slogen beer from the brewery on the opposite side of the fjord. We eat dinner together at Stranda Hotel on Saturday night enjoying a good laugh and good stories from a great day out on the mountain.

We like to focus on the skiing more then on the summits, this means that we sometimes take to laps down in the forrest instead of trying to push all the way up. We finish the trip on Sunday a bit earlier so you will be able to reach the flight home on the late afternoon.


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