1 day, Hidden Fjord Hiking Trip

From NOK 990

This 1 day Hike will take you into the mountains surrounding the stunning Norangs- and Hjørundfjord. It will grant you some spectacular views over the fjords. Being able to see it's steep rock faces and high waterfalls. As well as the ability to see some of the Sunnmore Alps most jagged peaks. At the end of the hike, your guide will take you back to the historical Urke Kaihus where you will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and a waffle.

From NOK 990

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  • A spectaculair hike wit views over the dramatic Norangsfjord & Hjørundfjord with steep rock faces and high waterfalls.
  • Enjoy the views over the jagged mountain peaks of the Sunnmøre Alps
  • Visit the historical Urke Kaihus


  1. Norangsfjorden