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At the moment there are no bookable products for the UNESCO Geiranger - Sjøholt - Ålesund (one way) activity.

The following activities may interest you instead

Åndalsnes - Ålesund (one way)

Åndalsnes - Ålesund This trip goes from Åndalsnes to Ålesund and is convenient if you arrive by train to Åndalsnes an...

Starting from NOK 265

Ålesund - Åndalsnes (one way)

Ålesund - Åndalsnes This trip goes from Ålesund to Åndalsnes and connects with the trains departing from Åndalsnes. F...

Starting from NOK 265

Round trip to Molde & the Atlantic Road

Ålesund - Molde- the Atlantic Road - Ålesund This trip takes you from Ålesund via Molde to what is often described as...

Starting from NOK 612

Round trip to Runde Bird Island

Ålesund - Hareid - Runde - Ålesund This tour by fast-speed ferry and bus takes you from Ålesund via Hareid and Fosnav...

Starting from NOK 530