01. Trollstigen, The Land Of The Trolls

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Fra NOK 1'290

Welcome to our excursion, Trollstigen, the Land of The Trolls.
This is a MUST SEE excursion.
This is a 7 hours 45 minutes trip including many breathtaking stops for photo shooting.
There is also a lovely lunch at Trollstigen Gjestegård included.



Fra NOK 1'290

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We start this trip in the morning from the cruise terminal in Ålesund.
We drive out of town against Åndalsnes.
Then we set for The Troll Wall, our first stop for the day.
Then we go for lunch in Trollstigen Gjestegård.  The lunch stop is 1 hour.
Our table is ready for you.  Look for the LocalTrips logo on the tables.
After lunch, our driver takes you to the top of Trollstigen roads.
There we will have a stop for about 45 minutes.
Our next stop is Gudbrandsjuvet, and also Valldal and Rosekyrkja (The Rose Church) in Stordal.
Then we start our drive back to Ålesund via Sjøholt, Skodje and Ellingsøy.
On Ellingsøy, we stop for some pictures, before we drive into the subsea tunnell back to Ålesund.
The trip is finished when we arrive in the Cruise Terminal in Ålesund again.

For more details about this excursion, see our PDF infosheet here !


Please visit our MeetingPoint in Ålesund at the latest 15 minutes before scheduled departure time.


  1. Route: Ålesund