02. Ålesund Highlights, early

Fra NOK 590

Every day when there is a cruiseship in Ålesund, we set up this trip named Ålesund Highlights.  This is the early trip each day.
Including the viewpoint Aksla (no entrance included) with a stunning view over Ålesund town.
The trip last for 3,5 hours and includes lot of interesting stops with possibilities to take stunning photos.
Enjoy !

Fra NOK 590

Bestill nå!

Normally, we have this departure time for this trip:

Departure 08:30, finished 12:00
Some days we start 08:00, 09:00, 09:30 or 10:00 depending on cruise ships arrivals. 

We will show you the most of viewpoints in and around Ålesund.

The Island Giske and Giske Church, photostop
The breathtaking ViewPoint on Aksla, Fjellstua, entrance not included
Sunnmøre Museum, entrance included
Ålesund Church, photostop
Ålesund City Center Sightseeing by bus

Please open this infosheet for Trip 2. Ålesund Highlights for more details.


Please visit our MeetingPoint in Ålesund at the latest 15 minutes before scheduled departure time.


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